Turn your existing jewelry into a new piece that matches your current lifestyle. Upgrade your style and save costs by repurposing precious metals and gems.

Sentimental pieces and family heirlooms can be restored or repurposed, which is a great option to reduce costs, as you will already be supplying the precious metals or gems for the new piece instead of starting from scratch.

Feel confident wearing past treasures and continuing the legacy of your pieces by repurposing the gems into something more current that could be passed down and further enjoyed!

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We recommend this option for in-person appointments. Bring in the pieces you would like restyled and let's start our creative journey together!

Repurpose existing jewelry into a new piece that suits your current lifestyle. Reduce costs by supplying the precious metals and gems for the new piece. Restore sentimental pieces and family heirlooms to be passed down and continue their legacy. In-person appointments are recommended to start the creative journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have inherited a family heirloom/legacy piece and it's not my style. What can I do about it?

Not to worry, we can transform your item by repurposing the gemstones and metal into a new piece that continues to preserve the memory, but fits better with your lifestyle.

I have some jewellery pieces that I don't know what to do with, do you have any suggestions?

Is it appropriate to incorporate a family heirloom into a new engagement ring design?