Create yourJewellery Piece
Other jewellery stores may say they are custom but what you get is a templated design. We sketch, render, and create a 3D Wax mold, then we create your finished jewellery piece. You are involved during the whole design process.

The Process


Initial Consultation

We meet and talk about the rough ideas for what you would like to see in your piece. Rough sketches are usually done to fully communicate the concept. Here we figure out the basic framework and guidelines for your design.

• Type of Jewellery (Ring, Necklace, Brooch, Pendant, Other).
• Type of Metal.
• Type of Gemstone (if any).
• Finger size.

Please Bring:
• Pictures of jewellery you've liked and would like to draw inspiration from.
• Any jewellery or gemstones you currently own that you wish to incorporate (if any).



Next we look over images of jewellery and figure out what the inspiration is for your piece.

We discussed what type of gemstone you were dreaming of, now you get to pick out the best one! We spoke to our suppliers and brought in the best selection of gemstones suited to your needs. They are all priced and tagged describing what makes each unique. We discuss the characteristics of each stone and help choose the perfect one for you.



Create 3D concept and any necessary changes through standard communication channels.

After we have outlined a basic style, stone and size, our designer will create a 3D model of your concept and email you renders. Please advise us of any changes or questions as we want to create the perfect design for you. After the design is approved we move on to the next step.


Wax Model

After we get the design perfect, we send the design to a 3d printer. This will give an idea of exactly how the piece will look and we use that exact wax in the casting process. Once you come in and see the wax and approve it, we can move on to casting.

Casting, setting and polishing (2 weeks). We cast the wax into metal, set your stones and bring the custom design to life. This is all handled by our Calgary studio and takes about two weeks.



Appraisal, quality assurance survey.

Once the piece is ready, it is presented to you with a box, insurance appraisal , the invoice, and a quick optional customer survey.

Expentation vs Reality
Although we implore you to come to us with your creative ideas and inspiration for designing you perfect piece of jewellery. We as a professional jewellery company know and have the experience of what can be achieved. Just because you see this inspiration online doesn't mean that it will be practical in application. We will Always advise you of your best options as we are about creating jewellery pieces that endure for generations.

Terms & Conditions


  1. All quotations are good for thirty (30) days from the date the quote is generated.

  2. Quotations are not work orders or contracts. Until a customer signs a contract to proceed with the project and pays a deposit, no work is committed.

  3. All projects require a minimum deposit to commence building the item described in the quotation. A customer must sign a product contract as part of the deposit process.

  4. Estimated completion times included in quotations are not guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much to spend on an Engagement ring?

There's no rule of thumb about what to spend on an engagement ring. Ad campaigns from the 80's and 90's suggested it be two months salary, and then three months salary and beyond, but this is all subjective and biased. The real question is: what do you feel comfortable with, and what would your partner feel good wearing on a daily basis? You don't need to go into debt for a beautiful ring - there are several diamond alternatives that are durable, attractive, and can make a meaningful impact without breaking the bank.