From appraisals to restoration, we take care of all your jewelry needs. Insurance appraisals, value confirmation, and restoring brilliance.




There is a set-up fee and a mileage fee for clients outside of city limits, and you must have a desktop or table space and an electrical outlet available. This option is suitable if you have several pieces of jewellery that you do not feel comfortable traveling with, if you have travel constraints, or if you find yourself otherwise unable to visit our locations in person.

$250 CAD Setup*

+ $125 CAD/Each piece

* Travel expenses outside of the Greater Calgary Area are $0.63 CAD per Kilometer. Maximum of 2.5 hours from our store.

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We offer a range of jewellery repair and maintenance services. Sizings, prong and setting repairs, cleaning and polishing, chain repairs, and much more.

We can repair most times made out of precious metals. General repairs take 7 to 10 business days, and we can provide a price estimate right away in most cases.

In complex restorations, modifications, or alterations, you may be required to leave the pieces with us so that our goldsmiths can assess the piece and provide the breakdown of the labour and repair costs. Complex restorations could take as long as 6 weeks to complete.

Repair estimates are complementary and there is no commitment to proceed. Repairs are guaranteed for one year from the date of pickup.


Asses Authenticity

One step below an appraisal for insurance purposes, this service is for our clients looking to verify that what they have purchased either online or perhaps while traveling is what it was sold as. Or, perhaps you have inherited some jewellery and are looking to know and understand more about those treasured family heirloom items.

We can offer visual confirmations and a second independent opinion for authenticity. This option ranges from $ 25.00 to $ 50.00 depending on complexity. If you decide that you'd like a full appraisal, we will credit this amount to the appraisal.

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Maintenance/ Cleaning

We recommend having your jewellery checked every once in a while. Having pieces you wear regularly or everyday checked for wear and tear on the settings, loose stone or prongs can insure that a minor issue doesn't become a larger problem.

We can intervene and tighten that loose setting before you lose a stone or worse. We can also clean or polish your jewellery and have it looking the day it was purchased for your wedding day photos, anniversary or other special occasion.

After 6 months, We offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning on all jewellery purchases, which can be done while you wait. If you would like your piece polished, you also have the option of leaving it with us.

Losing an heirloom, memory, or gemstone from your jewellery that is part of your story is heartbreaking, but being proactive and coming in regularly will ensure that this doesn't happen. If at any time you feel that you've accidentally knocked or hit your jewellery piece, noticed settings catching, sharpness, rattling noises, loose gems, or if you can physically move gems in their settings, come in ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your QuestionsAnswered

What is the purpose of an appraisal?

An appraisal will give you an idea of what a piece of jewellery is worth, which can be helpful to determine:
• Insurance Replacement Value: A current retail value that would replace the jewellery piece if lost/stolen and by choosing your jeweller of choice.
• Fair Market Value: A value associated with a jewellery piece that is agreed upon between an interested buyer and interested seller.
• Liquidation/Probate Value: A value associated in the immediate sale of a jewellery piece

I purchased a piece of jewellery online or overseas and it came with its own appraisal. Should I get a local appraisal for insurance?

I have a jewellery piece that I would like examined, but I don't really want to invest in a full appraisal. Do you offer visual confirmation and identification?

How often do I need to get an appraisal updated?

I have lost or had my jewellery piece stolen. What next?

How often should I have jewellery cleaned and checked?

How long do repairs take?