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  • Certified Professionally
    Certified Professionally
  • Serving greater Calgary for 10 years
    Serving greater Calgary for 10 years
  • Creating Pieces as Unique as You
    Creating Pieces as Unique as You
  • 1 of 3 Canadian skilled in this technique
    1 of 3 Canadian skilled in this technique
  • Canadian Sourced first
    Canadian Sourced first
  • Nauturally, long-lasting, bright white gold
    Nauturally, long-lasting, bright white gold

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A collection of our creations and memories we’ve helped capture in jewellery.

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Whether it is rewarding your team for a great achievement or congratulating a member on taking a new step in your company, we can create the perfect piece that says “thank you for what you do”. Contact us for a consultation.

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Our collection of estate and handcrafted jewellery. All estate pieces have been lovingly restored and are ready to wear, all new pieces have been designed and crafted in Canada. Call us for an up-close view of your favourite piece.

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The Story Behind Our Gems

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  • Kenneth
  • Bev & Steve Wedding
    Bev & Steve Wedding
  • Terry
  • Jonah
  • Ryan & Diane
    Ryan & Diane
  • Sharon
  • Adam
  • Claudette & Jon
    Claudette & Jon
  • Bryce
  • Aimee & Jesse
    Aimee & Jesse
  • John
  • Emma
  • Kyle
  • Gerald
  • Kelly & Amber
    Kelly & Amber
  • Dermot & Bonnie
    Dermot & Bonnie
  • Derek
  • Ryan
  • Jesse
  • Julie and Gwynne
    Julie and Gwynne
  • Sara & Justin
    Sara & Justin
  • Matt
  • Bev & Steve
    Bev & Steve
  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Kenneth was looking for an engagement ring in rose gold and featuring a purple sapphire. “I did tones of looking around for purple sapphire rings and found nothing. I came across your website, liked what I saw and decided to book an appointment.” “I really liked the reviews, youtube videos with Liz and felt comfortable deciding on Premier Gems and moving forward.” “I liked being involved in the design process and the back and forth to make changes. The end result is beautiful! Exactly what I was hoping for” “It was a great experience and we will be back”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

A Special Wedding Gift

Steve and Bev had a great experience with Premier Gems through the creation of Bev’s engagement ring. It only made sense to get their wedding bands done with the same people whom they had built such a strong connection with. Ideas were passed around for Bev’s ring resulting in a fitted custom engraved wedding band.  Steve received a custom cut Montana sapphire to match Bev’s engagement ring and Bev had a great idea. With a little cleverness from Liz, an engraving on the inside of Steve’s ring was added without him knowing; he would only discover it on their wedding day. Being able to surprise him with such a personal touch spoke volumes about how the staff at Premier Gems strives to make those moments truly special.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Terry was looking for a company that would create custom wedding rings by crediting some old jewellery toward the new piece. “One of your clients, who ive known for decades, trusts Jeff so I didn’thesitate to contact you”. “I liked the idea to build our own rings using our designs its more meaningful than ordering from a catalog. The rings look even better that I had expected!”  “I would tell others that you are the only place to go, the experience feels exclusive and special”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Jonah was referred to Premier Gems by a friend, who had his loose diamond evaluated by Jeff.”Word of mouth is the best route to go. I also like that you were flexible on the design and were able to accommodate changes along the way.” “I trusted you on our initial meeting. I like the upfront honesty of pros/cons choosing and purchasing a diamond with you versus purchasing a diamonds sight unseen online. This is a large important purchase and having someone to guide and educate looking at variousPrincess Cut Diamonds was invaluable”.  “I loved being involved in the designing of the ring and being a part of the process”. 
The result:
“I absolutely love it! Captured exactly what I was hoping for and the ring matches the beauty of the diamond”. The diamond is a 1.51ct E/VS2 Canadian.  “I would strongly encourage anyone to seekPremier Gems for their custom jewellery”.



  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“Pearls and Heritage, Beyond Borders”

This ring was special. Diane didn’t want a diamond but a pearl. Although Ryan moved from Canada to France quite a while ago, he knew there was only one person to create the ring he wanted for Diane. Ryan knew Liz from high school in Ontario; he had seen the work she was doing with Premier Gems in Calgary and was amazed with what she could do. Ryan emailed Liz to find him the best pearl and begin the process of creating an heirloom.  Many pictures were emailed back and forth from France to Canada as Liz dedicated herself to getting the selection perfect.

Finally, Liz presented a stunning 12mm Australian pearl and Ryan knew it was the one for Diane. The conversation moved on to the design. It had to be something that reflected who they were and where they both came from. Ryan suggested including a fleur-de-lis, representing Diane’s French heritage, and an oak leaf, representing his Ukrainian heritage. Liz kept the ring clean and modern, as Ryan described Diane to be. The final design was a fleur-de-lis wrapping around one side of the pearl and an oak leaf on the other. The vines of both intertwine at the bottom of the pearl to signify their union. Ryan presented Diane with this beautiful pearl ring that so elegantly incorporated their heritages by going beyond borders. It is an heirloom with a great story of people crossing countries to be together for a love that knows no borders.

  • How it's made

  • Inspiration

  • Conception Story

The inspiration for the pieces

“A Spiritual Connection to Gemstones”

Inspired by Buddhist teachings and her path to inner peace, Sharron brought in a few gemstones and a few ideas. Liz, who had been inspired by meditation rings in the past, was excited to collaborate with Sharon to create pieces that were a harmonious blend of personal meaning and functionality. Using 3D render software, Liz brought to life the custom rings. Inspired by gifts and the offering to others the emerald and gold nuggets were combined. The yellow sapphire ring has filigree and “óm” inscribed on the setting. The garnet ring signified on the basics and simplicity needed in life. The final band had Sharon’s favourite mantra inscribed with beads located at the end of the inscription so that she could feel the beginning and the end of the phrase. This experience was an enlightening collaboration between client and designer.


  • How it's made

  • Inspiration

  • Conception Story

The image that inspired the ring

“Inner Beast”

Adam came to Premier Gems with diamonds from a ring he wanted to use in a custom design and a t-shirt. He was looking for a jeweler that would work with him to create a custom pendant that would be a reflection of his personality. He had tried with another jewelry store before but they were not seeing his vision. This left him disappointed and seeking. Much to his amazement, he found what he was looking for when he showed Liz the t-shirt with a roaring jaguar that was exactly how he wanted his jaguar pendant to look and she showed him her digital 3D render software. With this software, she could model the jaguar to use in creating this unique piece and use the diamonds to perfectly accent the pendant. This was the collaboration Adam was looking for. After a couple of nudges in the design, the piece that reflected Adam perfectly was created.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“It Must Be Pink”

Jon was ready to declare his love by proposing to Claudette, his wedding planner girlfriend, but he had a challenge ahead. How does one go about creating the perfect proposal for someone who crafts the perfect wedding for couples every day? Thankfully, Claudette had been dropping hints to him for the ring she was dreaming of, rose gold framing a pink morganite, so Jon knew exactly what he was looking for and it must be pink. Liz could envision the finished piece as soon as he described it and with a few reference pictures provided by Jon the perfect ring was crafted. A hand-selected pink emerald cut morganite framed in 14k rose gold with white diamond accents. Jon’s weeks of planning all came together to create the perfect moment and you can read the proposal story from Claudette’s perspective over on her blog post The Perfect Proposal.

Claudette & Jon

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Bryce was looking for a custom engagement ring, but he was living in Vancouver at the time and wanted to design it in Calgary. “Friends in Vancouver suggested you, so I did a google search, and decided to book a consultation. I really liked your positive attitude to creating custom jewellery and saw your exquisitely finished pieces, which was the standard I was looking for.  I looked at big box stores, but they couldn’t compete with the value and quality of the diamond and the value and quality of the ring. It was cool to hold the 3D model of the ring before the ring was even made and seeing different concepts in the design stage. I was extremely excited when you nailed my vision. The design team and product at Premier Gems is top notch”.

Bryce H.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Aimee and Jesse were looking to create a custom engagement ring.  Aimee wanted something completely one-of-a-kind. The main stone to be a Rutilated Quartz, emerald cut, that would magnify and reflect the interesting needle like characteristics of the gem.  “We shopped around, and you were the first company who could handle our request. We thought going custom would be beyond our budget, but you were able to work within it; custom cut the perfect gem and come up with a design we were excited about. The end result is amazing! Exactly what we were looking for and being involved in the process from selecting the gem and deciding on the style of cut, made it that much better. We would absolutely recommend you 100%”.

Aimee Payne and Jesse Watts

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

John was looking for a custom anniversary ring featuring three princess cut diamonds and in a modern wide design.  “My wife supported me when I purchased a new entertainment system, and I’d like tospoil her in return.” John was referred to us by a client who received our fall mail out and the offer sealed the deal that I should contact you. “I was looking for a smaller company that would give me the attention I wanted” “I really like that you gave me several options of diamonds to select from” “I would recommend you without hesitation”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Emma found us through a Google search.  While browsing through our past commissions, she came across the Jaguar head pendant. “This was an unusual request and once I saw the Jaguar pendant I knew Premier Gems would be up for my project”.  Emma wanted a custom ring to commemorate a milestone family cruise to Antarctica.  The piece was to be a ring featuring a gorgeous triangular facetedYellow Beryl she purchased onboard, along with elements representing penguins, icebergs, andAntarctica. The colour scheme was to resemble an Emperor Penguin.  The ring features the Yellow Beryl set into high karat yellow gold, while the ring is constructed of blackened palladium with a penguin feather textured.Set into the ring are rough cut Rock Crystal Quartz’s representing icebergs and there is an engraved outline of Antarctica hidden inside the ring.


What Emma valued: 

Premier Gems was willing to work with my own gem, a Yellow Beryl, which was a memento of a family cruise to Antarctica.  Also, having the ability to fully customize the ring with unlimited ideas andsuggestions and what materials would be best suited to create the overall ring with the look I desired.The result:Very happy. It is the perfect reminder of a once of a life time experience.
What she would tell others:

Go For It. Custom is the only way to get exactly what you want. Have a clear ideal of what you want but be open to suggestions brought by the designers and they are the experts on what materials and gems are available to create the desired outcome.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Kyle was looking for an engagement ring. He got tired of looking around seeing ring after ring and not finding what he was after. “A friend of a friend came to Premier Gems and said the experience was good.I then google searched to find out more about you”. “I wasn’t finding what I wanted in stored andIf I did it was very expensive. I then decided on the custom route and I couldn’t believe it would workout”. “The 3D renderings are fantastic way to get an idea of the piece and to maneuver the rendering to see it from all angles was super cool. “The ring is exactly what I wanted! It’s awesome!. “Make sure you plan ahead, because the process takes time, but it’s completely worth it to get exactly what you want”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“A Walk in the Woods”

Gerald came into Premier Gems with what he thought was an unusual request for his custom engagement ring. He had in his pocket three rough Labradorite stones and wanted them custom cut into a work of art for the artist in his life, his fiancée. Jeff informed Gerald that he could indeed cut the stones so now they just needed some inspiration for the design. Liz began asking questions about this special woman who would be wearing the ring and through this process Gerald recalled a story from early in their relationship. They were walking through the woods and had come to the trail that led to their cabin. It was late, it was dark, and they had to cross a stream to reach their destination. Gerald remembers how scared and unhappy his fiancée was in that moment. He was able to help her get over that obstacle and the memory has stuck with them as they often go camping and hiking in that area. Liz now had the setting for the ring, a representation of the leaves from the trees above and the waves of the stream they crossed that incorporated the Labradorite stones Gerald had brought in with a diamond and a sapphire (because Gerald likes blue). Out of this collaboration, a wonderful piece of art was created for a wonderful artist.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“The Perfect Stone, The Perfect Colour”

Kelly and Amber were on a quest to find the perfect colour gemstone to create an engagement ring that would depict the essence of their relationship. Colour is powerful. It can evoke memories and emotions. It can bring to mind people, places, and experiences. Colour has the ability to nudge our emotions in so many directions. We all have colours we prefer and those we do not. For Amber, the colour that she connected with as a representation of her relationship with Kelly was a light green. In her search, she saw a green amethyst in the showcase of a mall jewellery store. Right colour, wrong stone. An amethyst is not a durable stone to wear everyday.

They couple came to Liz and Jeff with the perfect colour and the hope of finding the perfect stone to anchor the design of the engagement ring. The search was on for a stone strong enough to endure the bumps and scrapes of everyday wear. With patience and persistence they worked together until a sapphire was decided upon. Sapphires are available in various green-blue and yellow-green tones which allowed Amber to select the perfect stone in the perfect colour. Then it was Kelly’s turn to finalize the design as a surprise to Amber on their engagement day. A few styles were suggested and then a white gold band with a diamond frame around the sapphire was chosen. The dedication and hard work of the team at Premier Gems fashioned a stunning piece that portrayed the feelings behind this lovely couples heart connection.

 Kelly and Amber

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“Who says dreams don’t come true?”

Bonnie had a dream that Dermot presented her with a beautiful Claddagh ring. When she awoke, she was determined to find a way to bring this dream ring to reality. She knew exactly how it was intended to be and had a very specific result in mind. Dermot and Bonnie set about finding a jeweler with whom they could work with that would understand the intricacies of this ring they wanted to create. The first attempt was a failure and left them feeling disappointment as the jeweler did not follow their very specific instructions. From this experience they learned that they first needed to build a relationship based on communication and trust.

The couple came to Premier Gems ready to try again to see if this team could recreate Bonnie’s dream piece. They laid out their terms, handed Liz a picture of a Claddagh ring, and asked if she could replicate it exactly. Liz was confident with the challenge. Jeff sourced the ideal emerald to be the heart of the ring and with a few discovery questions regarding the size and proportion of the ring and a clearer description of the Celtic Knot work for the band and Liz set to work making dreams come true.

Dermot and Bonnie

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Derek found Premier Gems online through Google. He was looking for an engagement ring, but the challenge was not to use a Diamond. “My fiancé to be does not like diamonds, and I’m unsure of all the diamond alternatives that are on the market. Jeff explained clearly all the options and Premier Gems was the way to go. The deadline was tight and they met it. The ring is beautiful and she will love it! Come to Premier Gems, honest, great to work with and very knowledgeable”.

Derek T.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Ryan found us through a Google search. He wanted a vintage inspired engagement ring using an antiqueOld Mine Cut Diamond, cut and polished over one hundred years ago. “I knew this project was going tobe a challenge. Other jewellers wanted to use modern cut diamonds, but I wanted an antique diamond that would harmonize with the antique ring.” “After seeing the number of antique diamonds that you brought in to select from I Knew you were the right fit to design the ring”.  “Jeff and Liz are a pleasure to work with, and I was confident in your ability to design and create the perfect engagement ring. You are the ‘hidden gem’ I’m glad I found.”  “I was amazed when I saw the final piece! It was exactly as Iimagined. I’m amazed at all the details!”  “I’ll most definitely go out of my way to recommend you and to tell others not to even consider another company”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“Bringing together the whole family”

The joining of two hearts is always a cause for celebration but for Jesse there were two additional little hearts he wanted to also honour. He was seeking a ring for his fiancée that represented the whole family coming together. Jesse knew he would never find such a specific piece in the average jewelry store; a custom engagement ring was the only way to go. Drawing inspiration from his family’s story and a couple of pictures of rings that his fiancée liked, he laid out the basics for Liz and the design took shape. Bands of intertwining diamond and white gold represented how their lives were inseparable, a pink sapphire for the gem in his life, and a birthstone each to represent their two children. Liz helped bring the concept into reality using rendering software to create a magical ring that tells the beautiful story of this family. The result of this process was a ring that expressed Jesse’s love for his fiancée and their whole family.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

 “A New Heirloom” – Julie and Gwynne

Julie and Gwynne found themselves wanting an antique style ring. However, their idea of the perfect ring was somewhat unique. It involved the desire for a traditional look, complete only with the addition of a personal touch that would allow for a distinctive element to this custom-made piece of jewellery. Gwynne and Julie wanted this ring to be unforgettable, a cherished family item that would be passed on for years to come. After doing some research, Gwynne found Liz’s YouTube videos and decided that Premier Gems was a perfect fit. They wanted someone who could accommodate their style and budget, and those sought after qualities were more than evident in Liz’s videos. They loved that Premier Gems explained everything along the way and were very flexible and transparent in all their interactions. According to Julie and Gwynne, Premier Gems “is a very comfortable (non-pressuring) experience. I would highly recommend them.”  The result of their vision? A priceless, antique-inspired ring containing a pre-1920’s diamond, with their initials included in filigree at the top.

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

“Celtic Love Knot”
Sara and Justin had a very specific vision for what their wedding bands were to look like. The challenge was finding someone to do a custom Celtic band exactly the way they wanted. After a long Google search, they finally discovered Premier Gems. They were impressed with Jeff’s experience, the photos of pieces done for previous clients, and the ability of Premier Gems to do three-dimensional renderings and molds. They loved the expert advice and beautiful work so much that they went forward and had these beautiful rings created for their very special day. When speaking of their experience at PremierGems, Sara and Justin declared: “Great friendly people to work with, beautiful work- exactly what we wanted!”

Sara and Justin

  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Matt met us at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show where he was looking for the perfect Peridot to use in a custom engagement ring, which we had.  “Liz really listened to my ideas and create the perfect ring that I was envisioning. The end result is perfection! Way better than I had expected.”  “I would definitely recommend Premier Gems. Don’t go the off the shelf cookie-cutter route when you can design and create something special”.


  • How it's made

  • Conception Story

Vintage with a personal touch

Steve had been calling everywhere in town looking for a Montana sapphire, the stone his girlfriend most wanted for her engagement ring. It had to be a Montana sapphire for Bev and nothing else. All her friends had one, she loved the colour, and her and Steve had taken many trips to Montana together.  He had almost lost hope as none of the jewellers in Calgary he had contacted carried this particular stone he was seeking. Every store he walked into pummelled him with other suggestions from their showcase and tried to tell him what he wanted instead of listening to his ideas.

Then he found Premier Gems and his hope returned. Premier Gems stock just happens to have a pretty large collection of Montana sapphire rough and also offered custom gem cutting as an option.  Steve was overjoyed to be able to not only have the sapphire he wanted but he got to choose the colour, shape, and size of the long sought after gemstone. Next came the perfect setting for this one of a kind sapphire.  With the help of Premier Gems’ design team, a vintage-inspired rose gold creation came to life for Bev to love for years to come.


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About Us

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Premier Gems, a custom design jewelry store, opened in Calgary in 2005, the realization of owner Jeff Nechka’s passionate world wide pursuit of gemology and design. Jeff’s mastery of the art of gem and diamond cutting and established international connections in the best markets allow him to exceed client expectations. Jeff is also among a small number of Canadian members belonging to the American Gem Trade Association and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. These organizations are the governing bodies for the industry laying out best practice principles, ethical standards, and making each member accountable to their strict guidelines. Membership with these associations ensures consumer confidence.

Premier Gems is now an unique jewelry retail business recently relocated in 2014 to the thriving arts and entertainment district of 17th Avenue (Lower Mount Royal) in Calgary. Their expanded team of three designers draw inspiration from the view of the city and the avenue below working with clients to realize the jewelry of their dreams. Their combined experiences and portfolios speak for themselves and they are constantly striving to exercise their design skills in new and challenging ways.

The future of Premier Gems is as bright and sparkling as the stones they work with.

  • Jeff Nechka

  • Liz Kranyak

  • Erin Crossman

Credentials & Background:

My passion for this field started from a lifelong fascination with rocks, minerals, and fine art. My expertise then evolved to coloured gems as I began using my design talents to create custom jewellery.

I became fascinated with rocks and gems at an early age. I remember digging in my back alley to find the most unusual shaped stones and collecting various specimens from road trips. These became special mementoes of my travels. The hobby evolved as I began tumbling the rocks into smooth shiny gems. It was a four-week process, which at the time seemed like an eternity that culminated in a tense yet exciting moment as the results of my weeks of waiting were revealed and I saw what my rocks had become.

I spent almost two years in university studying sciences before choosing to pursue my passion of product design through a new faculty being offered at the Alberta College of Art and Design. I had just received the acceptance notice from ACAD when a jewelry manufacturer in Central America contacted me with an offer of internship. I would be designing jewelry and educating clients on diamonds and other gems. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and one that would launch my career. The choice was simple. I packed my bags to head south.

Following the internship, I was more convinced than ever that I was destined to pursue a career in the jewellery industry and upon my return I enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America Headquarters to complete the skills necessary to master diamond identification and grading. A few months after the course I was off to Bangkok, Thailand to study coloured gems, their treatments, and how to discern between investment-quality and mass-produced gems and obtain the coveted Graduate Gemologist degree.

Next, I spent time in South East Asia, Southern, West, and East Africa, and Australia buying gems with a German gem merchant before settling back in Calgary to learn the ropes of operating a retail business and finally opening Premier Gems in 2005.

Today I am a certified GIA Gemologist and gemologist appraiser and one of but a handful of Canadian members belonging to the American Gem Trade Association and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. These organizations are the governing bodies for the industry laying out best practice principles, ethical standards, and making each member accountable to their strict guidelines.

I have come a long way from my humble beginnings hunting through gravel behind my house for that rare hidden treasure. Looking at a rough gem, I always feel a sense of excitement as I try to determine the gem’s personality through its outer form. I fashion gems by listening to my heart to avoid over-thinking while cutting, which can result in frustrating mistakes and heartache.

Credentials & Background:

  • Art Fundamentals (Certificate, Haliburton School of Art)
  • Jewellery Arts (Certificate Haliburton School of Art)
  • Jewellery and Metals (Certificate, Georgian College)
  • Goldsmithing and Silversmithing (Certificate, Georgian College)

Growing up in the Niagara Region of Ontario, I have found plenty of inspiration with its rich history and deep connection to nature. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil, and my household has always been in a mechanical background. I found jewellery to be the perfect marriage of the technical and the creative. I discovered jewellery creation in art school, fell in love with it, and never looked back.

Credentials & Background:

  • Education: BFA Jewelry and Metals 2008 ACAD

I am a native Calgarian known for my wild imagination and creative spirit. I developed an interest in the arts at a very young age and have passionately been pursuing the development of my skills ever since. I enjoy drawing, sketching and forging my way through life. I attended Lord Beaverbrook High School where I excelled in the Advanced Placement Arts Program. In my final year, I had the opportunity to visit Europe and see up close the works of art that had inspired me throughout the years: Michelangelo, Edvard Munch, and Leonardo Da Vinci are among the top few. I then went on to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design where I graduated in 2008 from the Jewelry & Metals Program. After graduation, I accepted a position at Birks in the service and repairs department and went on to become the service manager for the later portion of my stay with the company.

I am very excited to have joined the Premier Gems team and I look forward to helping make your jewelry desires a reality.

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Color Trends 2016
August 16, 2016

Pantone, the worldwide color authority, recently announced their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016. Pantone bi-annually highlights the ten shades that will be prominent in next season’s fashion, beauty and interior design worlds, which coincides with the start of New York Fashion Week. Last season’s color palette was anchored by people’s desire to unwind and disconnect from technology every once in a while. This feeling resonates in the Fall 2016 Color Report, which Pantone states is inspired by “the desire for tranquility, strength and optimism.”

“Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the collections,” affirmed Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades,” she continued.

Here are Pantone’s picks for the Fall 2016 Color Report:


Blue rules the Pantone color palatte for Fall 2016.
Riverside is a cool, calming blue hue possessing a subtle sophistication.
Gemstones: London Blue Topaz, Indigo Sapphire, Indicolite Tourmaline, Blue Spinel

Airy Blue

A carefree and light shade, Airy Blue continues the blue color trend for the upcoming season. Pantone states: “Airy Blue’s lofty nature evokes feelings of lightness and freedom.”

Gemstones: Sky Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Pastel Sapphire


A grey shade that will warm up any look in cooler months. One of two go-to neutrals for the season. Sharkskin “showcases practicality through a dependable yet contemporary lens.”

Gemstones: Grey Moonstone, Chalcedony, Grey Diamond

Aurora Red

Bold Aurora Red brightens up the bunch with a pop of fiery color.  Pantone describes Aurora Red as warm, sensual, and immediately pleasing to the eye.

Gemstones: Ruby, Rubellite Tourmaline, Red Spinel

Warm Taupe

Another warm neutral, the organic beige tone of Warm Taupe is said to pair well with every hue in the color report.
Gemstones: Champagne Diamonds, Topaz, Smoky Quartz

Dusty Cedar

A warmer pink to go with the cooler months, Dusty Cedar exudes welcoming feelings and is the perfect fall/winter version of the cheery pink shade.
Gemstones: Zircon, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Spinel, Pink Sapphire

Lush Meadow

Pantone states that Lush Meadow “brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage.”

Gemstones: Emerald, Green Tourmaline

Spicy Mustard

A deep yellow tone, Spicy Mustard is earthier and mellower than the typical citrus yellow shade.
Gemstones: Amber, Citrine, Golden South Sea Pearls, Dravite Tourmaline

Potter’s Clay

Reminiscent of the natural tones of fall, Potter’s Clay channels the colors of changing foliage.

Gemstones: Padparadscha Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Orange Spinel, Zircon, Quartz


Bodacious is a pink/purple hue that has the ability to “turn fashion accents into fashion statements.”

Gemstones: Pink/Purple Topaz, Amethyst, Purple Sapphire, Purple Spinel, Kunzite

August’s New Birthstone: Spinel
August 1, 2016

As of June 2016, August babies can finally celebrate spinel as the newest birthstone addition to their month. A vibrant, sparkly, and elegant gem adored and valued by royalty, spinel comes in hues that rival the finest sapphires and rubies. Since this gem is mysterious, exotic, and underrepresented, a larger bling effect, in comparison to rubies and sapphires, is achieved at a fraction of the price.

Although peridot, another August birthstone, can come in vibrantly saturated and rich green shades, the masses of chain stores have given peridot a poor reputation; one of possessing a listless, pale green hue. Since spinel is rare, harvested in quantities small enough that it is impossible to satisfy the demand of chain retailers, individuals desiring this precious gem must contact a local jewellery designer in order to custom source the perfect fit of gem for the perfect piece of jewellery. If the jeweler is a gem specialist, he or she will be able to educate and assist you in discerning the different valuable attributes of each gem. 

Untreated, spinel is resilient and tough, boasting a hardness of 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This stunning gem is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of the savvy fashionista or gem connoisseur. 

June 13, 2016
Deep green, lush, suggesting a far-off place with rolling hills and fields of grass, there are many reasons people love emeralds, and they have for centuries.  I’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity in emeralds lately,  so I thought I’d share a few interesting points about this gorgeous green stone;
It’s the birthstone for May, so many of you May babies probably have one or two emerald pieces already. Best rule of thumb for care of your emerald jewellery is a saying my mentor at the watch repair department used to say “no golf, gardening or tennis” and although not many people do all of those things, it’s these simple guidelines for care of soft stones like emerald .Avoid hard work, don’t get it dirty, take it off while you’re doing something active.  
If you are shopping for your loved one who has a love for this gemstone, its best to get a feel for their personal taste.  Emeralds come in a range of green tones and varying opacity: the ones you see in commercial stores tend to have kind of a milky green look. While many people may love that colour, the most desirable colour according to gemologists in an emerald is a deep clear green with a slight hint of blue.  A little bit of research when looking for a gift for someone can go a long way to making it a cherished keepsake.  
 One thing that a natural gemstone has over any synthetic out there is having a way of telling its story though inclusions. We used to call them “flaws” but that can’t be further from the truth.Inclusions in a gemstone can add to the natural beauty, guarantee authenticity, and be easy to identify though having “birthmarks”. All emeralds have inclusions of some kind, it’s part of what makes them beautiful. It’s so widely known for them to have inclusions that we have named the pattern of inclusions in an emerald the “Jardinière” or the garden of the stone.
Emerald has been cherished by people for centuries; it is said that it was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, and evidence of emerald mines have been found in archaeological sites in Egypt.Elizabeth Taylor was seen many times wearing her emerald set from Richard Burton, continuing“Cleo’s” love for emeralds. They are currently on display at Christie’s. 
 With this renewed love for emerald, it will definitely be a favorite for years to come. Here are some great sources for everything emerald;
If you have any questions or would like to see some of the great emeralds in our stock, feel free
to contact us or make an appointment online at
Selling your unwanted and broken jewellery.
June 13, 2016

You’ve heard and seen it all from the vast number of people and businesses claiming to offer you the most coin for your unwanted and broken jewellery.  Many of these companies look only at the gold value and will not pay out on coloured gemstones and diamonds. The main reason for this is that these companies do not employ a gemologist who can properly identify and assess the value of your jewellery. Just because you are going to sell to a “jeweller” doesn’t mean that jeweller is capable of properly identifying and assessing your diamonds and gems. Anyone can purchase a gold testing kit and claim they’ll offer the most for your jewels but if any of the pieces contain gems, seller beware!

At Premier Gems, you can be assured that you’ll be meeting discretely with a certified gemologist who will handle your pieces with care and respect. You’ll have confidence knowing that you will be getting a pay out that considers the value of the whole piece whether that is the diamond ring from your ex or grandma’s strand of pearls. Your pieces are assessed in front of you and if you agree to the amount offered, payment is made right away.

Selling your jewellery to Premier Gems is an astute way to get immediate payment for something you really want or need.

June 13, 2016

I know it’s going to sound cliché, maybe even a little ridiculous, but I’m really excited to be living in the age of technological development that is currently happening.  In a world where we see something fascinating, take a picture and upload it before even reacting to the situation at hand, where 3d printing has created better lives for people though prosthetic development and surgical implants, and where new compounds and materials are discovered and new applications are found for them every day. We scroll past  stories such as these after reading about 30 seconds at a time, but few really take time to think about just how amazing these things are and what they will become.

One story I want to tell you is about a compound called silicon carbide. It has come a long way in the last 20 years. Most of you will know it as Moissanite.

The first time I saw a moissanite, I had to set a 3 carat sized stone in a Gordon’s in Texas.  As a shaky new goldsmith going through the motions slowly, I gazed into the stone through my visor. I really didn’t see the appeal; it was large and eye-clean, yes, but the colour was off-putting. Brownish-yellow with flecks pf indigo and purple flashing at you, it was… gaudy, and not in a kitschy vintage way.

Flash forward 5 years, and so much has changed. Sitting on my desk today, as I prepare files for a 3d printer, is a moissanite, a manmade gemstone that is eye-clean and perfectly white. Sure, the price tag is a little bit bigger, but there is value in that sparkle. 

Charles and Covard have come out with the Forever brilliant and Forever one lines, that are comparable to a D-F colour diamond, eye clean, almost as hard as a diamond, and a fraction of the price. 

Now, why would you want a manmade stone, where is the appeal in that? Well… personal taste is key here. Someone may want the size and look of a $20,000 diamond, but isn’t ready to put out that kind of investment. That is where moissanite can come in, it’s all the look, without the cheapness of a cubic zirconia, or the impact of a diamond. This may also be a great way to add to the look of a custom piece as accents to your gemstone, flanking it with a bright glow. 

Now, some people may argue that this will compete with the diamond industry completely, honestly I’m not so sure. One laboratory taking on the world diamond market is kind of a David and Goliath- like story, but it is one I am excited to see unfold.

For your gemstone selection, manmade or otherwise, it’s best to communicate what you want and what’s most important to you to ensure the best results. This may be an option for you, or you may prefer something forged by nature rather than nurture. That’s what’s great about the time we live in; anything goes.

For any questions about moissanite, feel free to contact us or book an appointment online at

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CJ December 2015/January 2016

The Perfect Proposal


I thought I would share my own little bit of love with you today.
I got engaged in October last year and was hands down the best day of my life.
Just minding my own business at work when I get called upstairs to help out with something. When I get to the top of the stairs I’m greeted by my two good friends Christy from Christy D Swanberg Photography and Ixchel from Parfait Productions. Both with cameras in hand….

Carving The New Landscape

In a competitive work environment, extrinsic rewards such as fringe benefits, promotion, bonuses, commissions, or conditions of work no longer entice employees to increase their levels of performance. However, intrinsic rewards, which are more personal and directly tied to a completion of a task or attainment of a specific goal, have proven to motivate employee performance, improve retention, and are often much more affordable for organizations to provide to deserving employees.

Premier Gems of Calgary has worked with a list of clients who have come to realize that attitudes, cognitive styles, and perceptions of value can and do influence employees’ innovative performances. Understanding the beneficial correlation between employee rewards and performance has branded them as experts in the realm of elite reward solutions…

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